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Weekend Max Mara | Family Affair

The New Signature Collection for the Spring Summer 2022

Weekend Max Mara is unveiling the New Signature Collection created in collaboration with fashion editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson with a press presentation in the Milan Showroom from the 22nd to the 26th of September

The name of the collection fully reflects Karefa-Johnson’s inspiration - her family. The fashion director, in fact, makes no secret that her family is an eternal spring of inspiration for her.

I often say style is my inheritance. The playfulness and elegance of the way my family dressed and dresses. So, really, anything that I do which is aesthetically driven is a bit of a family affair” she says.

Moreover, her artistic background and her unique styling approach, contributed to creating a strong, powerful, vibrant collection with a cinematic twist and Seventies vibe. Her spark came from old albums, especially flipping through the pages from the Seventies, where the lively prints and strong silhouettes popped out, complemented by traces of the Forties and Fifties.

This medley of decades led to a cross generational exploration. Karefa-Johnson wanted every piece to be infused with a true sense of joy and fun, of ease and individuality. Her mantra in life, her style in fashion.

"My sincerest hope is that any woman would wear this collection— it’s bright and fun and we all need more light and joy in our lives!"

In that sense, prints play a key role. Modern and referential with a wink to the Seventies and Bridget Riley’s Op Art. Clashes to be mismatched liberally, with self-confidence and pizzazz. The same prints jazz up an array of silk scarves in vivacious color combos. Fittingly for the season, the silhouettes are easy and breezy with the spotlight on dresses. Short, elongated, slit, with or without sleeves. The alternative to dresses is top-and-skirt combos, again fresh and light, with a casual glamour that is ideal for the hottest months. From head to toe, the accessories embrace the summery, playful vibe. Washed denim baker boy hats add cachet while the bags – including the iconic Pasticcino Bag in damier macramè cotton or in a printed faille version and a slouchy macramè tote - are worn freely. Wooden clogs further underpin the Seventies mood, adding the finishing touch to all the looks.

International supermodel Gigi Hadid stepped behind the camera to be the photographer of the Signature Collection campaign, capturing the camaraderie between a gaggle of girls with a series of portrait-style group shots.


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