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Our Academies


Our Academies

For the Max Mara Group, "doing business" means believing in the training and expertise of young people. In fact, over 95% (check)  of our Chief Executives, including the General Managers, have grown within our company, having come to us straight from graduation or after just a few years’ work experience.  We foster these values through the intensive postgraduate programmes we offer to our new travelling companions, based on job rotations and assignment of projects, both in Italy and internationally – we have subsidiaries from the United States to Australia.

Our Academies:

  • Retail Academy (the Pure State of Art of our Retail)

  • Junior Manager International Academy (Trade / Marketing / Retail)

  • Technical Academy (Operations)

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Open Positions

Fashion and Development

Fashion and Product Development

It begins with an idea and a sketch and ends in the production of a physical garment. This is achieved through traditional hand craftsmanship, as well as the new frontiers of digital sketching and two- and three-dimensional CAD. Fashion Design and Product Development are at the heart of this process, together with other skills such as Research.


Designing a garment means achieving the perfect balance between stylistic and technical considerations, in order to express a tangible and recognisable value.

A broad skill set is required, including:

  • Building a representative collection

  • Innovating in terms of style and choice of materials, respecting the DNA of the brand.

  • Expanding a product idea in order for it to be manufactured.

Finishing with the Presentation of the Collection, in a little over 5-6 months for each Season (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter).

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Marketing and Sales

Our relationship with our distribution Business Partners has been completely renewed, enabled by the new digital opportunities, and aims to correctly position the Brand within wholesale distribution (franchisee, department store, etc.) within an omnichannel context, where offline and online are approached with new paradigms, and where consideration for the consumer has become the new context in which competition operates.

This means that Trade Management shares practices and methods with typical Marketing areas and vice versa, where the former deals with the relationship with partners for healthy business development, while the latter preserves and transmits Brand values, creating an immersive relationship between our product and both partners and our customers through a variety of physical and digital touchpoints. The basic knowledge required therefore comprises:


  • International development of the markets

  • Communication & PR

  • Visual Design

  • Engagement & Interaction

  • Holistic CRM

  • Social Media

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Marketing and Sales


Our innovative supply chain management, which also obsessively focuses on attention to detail and the quality of the garment, is the object of continuous process innovation and "digital injections" to enable excellent standards in terms of results, where planning and strategy are pivotal, given the complexity involved.

The main skill set for Operations:

  • Procurement

  • Planning and Scheduling

  • Production

  • Logistics

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Retail and Stores

Retail and Stores

The Max Mara Group has always taken care of its premises and the way in which the relationship between people – sales staff and customers – and our product is developed, according to precise, representative stylistic traits.

Inside our physical stores (the first own-brand store opened in 1964 and there are now more than 2500) and the new digital sales platforms (the first e-commerce site was launched in 2001 and all our brands are now online), a continuous narrative is developed to allow our customers to choose their favourite touch point for that particular moment.

Attention to detail, customer journey, deep passion and internationalism are the basis on which we draw in order to design and build our points of sale and spaces dedicated to interaction and experience. The main skill set required comprises:

  • Store Management (offline and online)

  • Buying and Visual Merchandising

  • Training and Learning (digital micro-learning)

  • Customer Journey Design

  • CRM Actions

  • Performance Marketing

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The successful growth of the Max Mara Group, which began in 1951, has gradually established the need for a multitude of roles that did not previously exist and which have progressively enveloped the very heart of the dream, as though to protect it, strengthen it and enable it to survive over time. This is how we see our staff.

Some of our staff:

  • Administration, Controlling and Internal Audit

  • Finance

  • HR and Organisational Development

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Economic Planning

  • Legal

  • Architecture

  • General Services and Real Estate

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ICT and Digital

ICT and Digital

Within the Max Mara Group we have a Digital and ICT department that reflects both a software house facility at the service of business processes, and a digital innovation facility where contemporary methodologies and technology stacks of new paradigms are practised (from Open Source, to the Leaders of the Gartner Quadrant and the new "Mobile First" apps).

More than 300 employees are part of this organisation, who are in charge of:

  • Web 3.0

  • Metaverse

  • Business intelligence and Analytics

  • Machine Learning and AI

  • Data Science

  • Networks, systems and clouds

  • Digital business

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