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Legal Notice

Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. welcomes you to its website.

Please read the following notice carefully before surfing our website.
This website is governed by the terms and conditions described in this notice, and may be changed at any time at our unquestionable judgement. Use of this site constitutes your agreement to be bound by and to act in accordance with these terms and conditions even if they are changed.
The material contained in the site is used only for information or promotional purposes: Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. is and shall be the exclusive owner of information, photographs, trademarks and any other material contained in this site.
The reproduction, partial and/or total, distribution, publication, transmission, any modification or the sale of everything contained in this site is strictly forbidden. The material contained in the site can only be used for personal use and not for commercial use: this use does not in any way grant any title, right or interest on the material contained here. Any use other than the authorised use described above is forbidden and is a violation to the rights of Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l.

Human Rights Policy - Modern Slavery Act Statement


Max Mara has always considered abhorrent and condemns any abuse of human rights such as slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking.

We have developed a formal Anti-Slavery Policy which reflects our long standing, enduring and continuing commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships, whilst recognising the fact that we rely on many suppliers and partners, and we do not always have direct control over our supply chains.

We will ask our partners and suppliers of raw materials, textiles, semi-finished and finished clothing products to comply with all applicable anti-slavery and human trafficking laws, statutes, and regulations from time to time in force including but not limited to the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

This Anti-Slavery Statement applies to all subsidiaries in our group, including and not limited to our manufacturing, wholesale and retail companies working with or operating in the UK.


The information provided on this website may contain errors or inaccuracies and may not be up to date. Max Mara S.r.l. is not liable for the contents of the website. It is your responsibility to consider and verify the website’s contents and information, which may have been acquired from third parties, and its quality. Max Mara S.r.l. made a subjective assessment at the time of its publication when it indexed and selected said content and information but is under no obligation with regard to the results obtained and/or the satisfaction of the end user.

Disclaimer of liability

Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. and its employees shall not be held liable for any damage caused in relation to the use of this site and the information it contains and to the functionality of the site. Whoever uses the information and/or materials contained here shall be fully responsible for any loss, damage and cost, whether direct or indirect, of whatever nature or amount, deriving from the use of the site.

Materials sent

All information, ideas, images, photographs and materials in general, of any type, that you may send to this Site or to Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. in relation to this Site, with exception of personal data supplied by you, shall not be considered as confidential and through the act of sending them you irrevocably and freely transfer them to Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. which shall have the unconditioned and unlimited right to reproduce, transmit, distribute, change and, in general, use and sell the above mentioned information, ideas and material; the act of sending said information, ideas and materials is considered a consent to their free use by Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. without any obligation for Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. to refer to or to advertise, in any way or form, the fact it was sent unless expressly required by law.
You shall be the sole responsible for the contents of the information, ideas, images, photographs and in general of all the information you send to this site; consequently you undertake to indemnify Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. and its employees, managers, directors against any damage, cost or loss suffered by Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. and against any compensation request by third parties to Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. for whatever reason or cause in relation to the information, ideas, images, photographs and materials you send to this site.

Collection and use of personal Information

The site may use cookies. "Cookies" are a technology used exclusively to obtain information for statistical purposes on the use of the site and to provide certain services that require the identification of the user path through the navigation pages. The cookies used are anonymous and cannot be used to identify you. Identified cookies to identify a person by cross checking with databases are only used to speed up the identification process to access restricted areas of the site and personalised services and are only used for users who give their authorisation during registration. Most browsers accept cookies automatically but you can modify the settings to turn off this feature. However in this case you may not be able to browse certain areas of the site.

Max Mara UK Tax Strategy

This document is published to meet the current legal requirements of providing information regarding the company's tax strategy before the end of the current financial year, in accordance with paragraph 19 of Schedule 19 to the Finance Act 2016. The entity of Max Mara Fashion Group to which it applies is Max Mara Ltd (known as "Max Mara UK"). The strategy has been published in accordance with paragraph 19(4) of the above Schedule by being included on Max Mara Fashion Group's website.

Max Mara UK strategy is to manage the tax position of the UK business in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, under an appropriate risk control framework, while maintaining the UK business's reputation and good relationships with the UK tax authorities (HMRC).

Risk Management

Max Mara UK manages its tax affairs in a transparent manner. The tax risks are monitored and measures are put in place to reduce these risks.

Max Mara UK does not enter into complex, tax driven arrangements and will only consider entering into transactions that have a credible economic benefit, driven by the business needs. This, along with the relatively limited scale of the UK business and the procedures and controls implemented by Max Mara UK, ensures tax risk is maintained at an acceptably low level. This approach echoes that of the wider Max Mara Fashion Group, where a culture of prudence and careful management pervades.

Notwithstanding this, as it is impossible to eliminate all the tax risks, Max Mara UK in case of uncertainty of what area of law or regulation to use, seeks support from external tax consultants.

Roles and responsibility within the company


Formal or informal guidelines on how to manage the tax risks are prepared by the Company Accountant of Max Mara UK in collaboration with the BoD member in charge. Included in these guidelines are the consideration of responsibilities on managing the activities in such a way so that the tax risks are minimised. These guidelines may be written or they may be based upon the day to day actions of the parties.

The elements about this process are:

- From time to time a BoD member, in consultation with the Company Accountant, is responsible for creating these guidelines (related to corporation tax, VAT, HR taxes and contributions, etc.)

- The Company Accountant of Max Mara UK is responsible with implementing them.

- When there are doubts about implementation of these guidelines, the matter is raised with the Corporate Tax department.

Systems and controls in place to manage tax risk


The Company Accountant will regularly review the VAT returns and other tax contributions paid by Max Mara UK to ensure it complies with the law.
The Company Accountant stays informed with changes in the tax legislation by reading about tax updates and attending seminars/webinars. Additionally, our external tax consultant updates us about any significant changes that could pose a tax risk to Max Mara UK.
Corporation tax returns are prepared with the assistance of an external consultant because tax law is a complex area and Max Mara UK wants to ensure it is fully compliant.

Level of oversight of the overall company boards and their involvement

The guidelines in place to help monitor and minimise the tax risks are reviewed and monitored by the Group Corporate Tax Department. They will request clarification from the BoD member in charge and to the Company Accountant if necessary and have requested to be regularly informed of any tax risks or necessary changes to the systems in place to control and manage the risks.

Attitude towards tax planning

Max Mara UK works towards paying the correct amount of tax required by respecting the existing tax laws.

Max Mara UK conducts its business affairs staying compliant with existing tax laws. So commercial decisions and business proposals are conducted considering possible tax consequences of any decisions made.

While Max Mara UK looks to take advantage of any tax reliefs and incentives available it ensures that it always stays fully compliant with current tax laws.

The level of compliance with tax regulations

Max Mara UK is aiming to be fully compliant with the existing tax regulations. Any errors in tax returns and computations submitted to HMRC are unplanned and immediately disclosed and rectified, as soon as known.

Relationship with HMRC


The policy of Max Mara UK is to maintain an open and transparent with HMRC. Max Mara UK aims to deal with any enquiries from HMRC in a professional manner. For any enquiries from the tax authorities we try to provide relevant facts and circumstances if the information is not directly available.

Max Mara UK is committed to prompt disclosure and transparency in all tax matters with HMRC. When submitting tax calculations to HMRC, we disclose all the relevant facts.

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