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The Weekend Max Mara Pasticcino Bag World

First stop: Venice

The iconic Weekend Max Mara Pasticcino Bag has embarked on an awe-inspiring world tour and this new cross-seasonal project will support artisanal excellence and crafting traditions

An exclusive event for press and PR has been organized on May 10th in Venice to celebrate the Pasticcino Bag Modello Venezia

On the occasion of the press and influencer event, the guests have enjoyed a bespoke itinerary that reveals the artisanal excellence behind this new Pasticcino Bag, deeply interlaced with Venice’s awe-inspiring history, artisanship, and uniqueness. In a tribute to Venice's glorious history in textiles and glass making, the Pasticcino Bag Modello Venezia edition is crafted with sumptuous Fortuny textiles and colorful glass beads made in Murano


Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo was born in Granada in 1871, he received an international upbringing, having been born into one of the best-known families in 19th-century Spanish artistic and cultural life, a family that had settled in Venice some ten years earlier. Mariano saw the Palazzo Pesaro degli Orfei for the first time in 1898. In the following ten years he managed to restore it to its former splendour and to re-establish the balance and proportions of the structure. The palace soon became his home and atelier. A multifaceted, eclectic and tireless artist; a talented genius receptive to modernity and the innovations of the 20th century; and an astute businessman capable of applying his creativity to various artistic disciplines, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, theatre, lighting, design, fashion and textiles for furnishings – Mariano Fortuny was all of that and more. He invented production processes, created new materials, designed technical devices for which he took out trademarks and patents

The two boules that adorn the Pasticcino Bag Modello Venezia are hand made by a master glass maker. One fuses an ivory base with streaks of contrasting nuances for a “marbleized” effect, while the other one is made with a pastel-tinged base, soaked or “sommerso” in a clear glass finish. The playful clutch shape, rendered in endless variations, is characterized by a ball clasp that in the Pasticcino Bag Modello Venezia is made by Gambaro & Tagliapietra, celebrated for its artistic glass objects and one-of-a-kind pieces since 1974

The history of Murano Glass has deep and ancient roots. The art of glass making has a rich heritage that is interwoven with that of the city of Venice, with the two sharing glorious and wonderful moments through time. For more than 8 centuries, in this little island of the Venice Lagoon, glass making has reached unique and unparalleled levels of elegance, technique and ability. It is an exquisite art form that is globally unrivalled: Murano is Glass and Glass is Murano


At the end of the day, an intimate dinner has been organized at the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti at Ca’ d’Oro, overlooking the Grand Canal, where some works by Van Dyck, Titian, and Andrea Mantegna are exhibited

Starting from April 22nd, dedicated store windows in the Venice Max Mara Store San Marco Mercerie together with the Fondaco de' Tedeschi store windows, have been installed

From May 2nd a billboard featuring the Pasticcino Bag modello Venezia is hanging in front of the Canal Grande: the billboard will be hanging at the San Geremia church up to May 15th 2022

The Pasticcino Bag modello Venezia Special Edition is available online at, and at the Max Mara store in Venice, San Marco Mercerie Orologio Starting from June 2022, the special edition will be available at all the stores


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