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Silvia Rosi | Disintegrata

New exhibition at Collezione Maramotti

#CollezioneMaramotti is pleased to present the first solo show in an Italian art institution by 

⭕️ Silvia Rosi 


In conjunction with the 19th Fotografia Europea festival

⭕️pening to the public

28 April - 28 July 2024

Conceived specifically for Collezione Maramotti, the exhibition includes twenty new photographic works, several moving images and a group of archival photos that the artist collected in Italy – primarily in Emilia-Romagna – between 2023 and 2024. Aided by Mistura Allison, Theophilus Imani and Ifeoma Nneka Emelurumonye, Rosi travelled across the area to gather hundreds of ordinary photographs, family snapshots that capture the everyday experience of people who came to Italy from Africa before the 2000s, and who over the years have taken pictures of themselves and their lives in various contexts.

Rosi’s exhibition probes the relationship in photography between private and public, between found image and studio shot, playing on the shifts in meaning and interpretation generated by different viewing contexts.

Moving through different creative realms—from the family album, as a private space outlining the past, to the landscape inhabited by Black bodies—this exhibition explores, restores, and presents, with wry humour, an imaginary of “Italianness” in our land today.

📸 Images from the series Disintegrata © Silvia Rosi / Realised with the support of Collezione Maramotti


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