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Open Storage

From the Collezione Maramotti's Archive

Collezione Maramotti is pleased to announce that new videos in the Open Storage series, focused on artworks in its archive, will be going online. Open Storage is a project launched in 2021 as a way to “open the doors” of the collection’s archive to the general public, offering a close look at paintings not currently on view. Director Sara Piccinini will be your virtual guide to discovering the features, details and iconography of these works, but also the stories and facts that surround them. The series began last year with episodes on Matthew Ritchie, Matthew Day Jackson, Kent Henricksen, Lutz & Guggisberg, Nicky Hoberman and Ann Craven, and will now be presenting Sul divano a fiori [On the Flowered Sofa] (1965), an iconic painting by Cesare Tacchi. More episodes will be published at the beginning of every month throughout the spring, on Collezione Maramotti’s YouTube channel and its social networks.
Watch the video at this Link & Save the playlist!


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