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ME MYSELF AND IBLUES: Discover the SS23 ADV Campaign

Six exceptional ambassadors for a brand new claim that embodies the uniqueness of the project: Me, Myself and iBlues.

Ambra Angiolini, Valentina Romani, Paola Di Benedetto, Chiara Scelsi, Elenia Beretta e Vhelade are the undisputed protagonists of the SS23 advertising campaign, which aims to bring to light their strong and multifaceted personalities, according to the iBlues philosophy.

What makes you truly unique? Each artist starting from a personal object begins a personal narration, represented by iBlues looks. And this is how a microphone, a lipstick or a suitcase becomes the starting point of a conversation that does not only concern style but allows instead to discover other unexpected traits of each ambassador.

A subjective story that becomes collective. Like the tiles of a mosaic that comes together week after week, revealing the protagonists from an unprecedented point of view.


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