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Max Mara Spring Summer 2022 Runway Show

Milan, Bocconi University| 23.09.2021

The Max Mara Spring Summer 2022 fashion show transports us back to the 1950s summertime world of author Françoise Sagan, when, as a rebellious teen, she was forced to forego the traditional family vacation to stay at home and study.

Denied those summer months at the family’s seaside home, her imagination gave birth to the literary masterpiece, ‘Bonjour Tristesse’. Max Mara creates a modern-day, tailored manifestation of the novel’s protagonist, Cécile: the Bougie rebel.

The Max Mara Spring Summer 2022 Collection evokes classic workwear with an upscale prêt-à-porter flair. Styles feature precise contrasting seams on gathered canvas, impeccable poplin and denim.

Tank tops and masculine-style sandals with chunky soles complete the bad girl look. Sometimes-embroidered chiffon with delicate feathers counterbalances the workwear style.

The colour palette ranges from sand and tan to navy blue and black, enhanced by yellow and orange accents recalling sunlit beaches. Beach umbrellas are the inspiration for laid-back complete looks in boldly striped canvas.


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