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MAX&Co. and NABA present “The Muses”

A window display installation dedicated to women and their uniqueness

On April 28th, for the International Festival of European Photography, the MAX&Co. store in Reggio Emilia will present a shop window installation in partnership with NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti [New Academy of Fine Arts]), dedicated to women and their different personalities.

Titled “The Muses”, it is the creation of Carlotta Baradel, Eva Leoni Danese and Margherita Airaghi, NABA students attending the three-year stage design course, who have responded to the invitation by MAX&Co. to depict five women through their characteristic traits:

  • wise: judicious and altruistic, she shows great empathy towards others and always knows how to say the right thing at the right time;

  • ambitious: brave and determined, each day she battles to achieve her goals by overcoming everyday obstacles;

  • creative: outgoing and unconventional, she transports her interior world to the outside, bringing joy into the lives of others;

  • maternal: caring, affectionate, multitasking, she always has just the right tool for any event;

  • spiritual: mystical and contemplative, through meditation she finds connection with the world that surrounds her, noticing the delicate subtleties of life.

“The Muses” come to life in the stop-motion video art project created by the students attending the three-year Cinema and Animation course at NABA, and it will be screened on the monitors inside the MAX&Co. stores involved in the initiative.

The installation was created in collaboration with Remida Reggio Emilia and with manufacturing waste.

After Reggio Emilia, the special window display created in collaboration with NABA will then be hosted in consecutive stages in another MAX&Co. stores in Italy: Bologna, Florence, Naples, Bari, Palermo.


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