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Ivor Prickett | No Home from War: Tales of Survival and Loss @ Collezione Maramotti

📌 30 April - 30 July 2023

In conjunction with the 2023 Fotografia Europea festival, titled Europe Matters: Visions of a Restless Identity, Collezione Maramotti is presenting No Home from War: Tales of Survival and Loss, the first Italian exhibition by photojournalist Ivor Prickett.

With over fifty photographs taken in conflict zones from 2006 to 2022, No Home from War is the largest show of Prickett’s work to date. Initially focusing on the private, domestic side of war’s long-term social and humanitarian repercussions in Croatia and Abkhazia, Prickett has moved towards places of forced displacement and to lands where people seek refuge (in the Middle East and Europe), arriving at the front lines of combat zones (Iraq, Ukraine). Further info here 📷 Ivor Prickett, "Slavica Eremic feeds her baby son Nikola while her husband sleeps. Slavica married Serbian Nebojsa when she was nineteen. Nebojsa had returned to Croatia after several years of exile in Serbia only to find his family home inhabited by a Bosnian refugee. The young family now live in Nebojsa’s grandmother’s house", 2006, Jurga, Croatia Photography from the series “Returning Home – Croatia” Courtesy and © Ivor Prickett


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