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Weekend Max Mara Autumn | Winter 2021-2022 Brand Campaign

The Weekend Max Mara Autumn/Winter 2021/22 brand campaign is best described as a soul-inspiring trip down memory lane. Not merely a quest for cherished experiences but a re-set for a future to come. The mood is the present. Lifestyle-changing

The narrative is set in the rolling green hills where the Weekend Max Mara protagonist, Highland Muse, finds herself rediscovering a forgotten place she visited as a child that holds fond memories and wonders. Of long walks along the ancient castle walls, climbing up hills, running freely in the crisp fresh air, playing games of hide and seek, building campfires at sunset. All is as it was then. Unchanged. Timeless. Just as she remembers it. The nature, the surroundings, the feel-good moments in the sunshine allow for the enjoyment of the here and now but also invite reflection and reawakening, triggering a vision of things with a new perspective and a new pace

Captured by British photographer Eddie Wrey model Aivita Muze wears the very latest interpretation of the perfect looks that embody the Weekend Max Mara spirit

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