With the drawing of this Love and the voice of this Calling 
we shall not cease from exploration 
and the end of all our exploring
 will be to arrive where we started
 and know the place for the first time.

Company Archive and Library

Max Mara launched its BAI project (Company Archive and Library) in 2003 when it also started on the plans for its new headquarters. The idea behind BAI was to create a space where the history of Max Mara could be put in order, stored, researched and shown off to its best advantage.

The main aim of the specialist fashion Library is to research new trends. The Company Archive, on the other hand, is a collection illustrating the company’s past in the form of over fifty thousand items: garments and accessories, sketches, photographs, fabrics, documents, advertising material, furnishings and multimedia objects dating from 1951 to today.

The Company Archive can be broken down into the following main sections: the Communications Archive (collection of editorials, catalogues, advertisements, invitations, window signs, posters, magazines, photographs and multimedia), the Garments Archive (garments, accessories and sketches) and the Vintage Archive (the research archive consisting of over 4600 garments and accessories from the beginning of the 20th century to today).

The Company Archive fills a double purpose: to collect and preserve on the one hand and to relate the story of the company’s past on the other, through the creation of an archive that can be consulted by those working for the Group in creative roles.

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