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Teddy Ten Anniversary

To celebrate ten years of the Teddy Bear Coat, our fuzzy fashion is going on a Great Big Global Fashion Adventure. Prepare for a Total Teddy Takeover! First stop: Chengdu

The Fluffy Residence Discover the Fluffy Residence: a whimsical dream come true, a magical place of enveloping contours, a haven of tenderness. Let's leave behind the hectic realities of daily life and immerse ourselves in a world created entirely in Teddy fabric. The woman Teddy welcomes into the Fluffy Residence adores design and fashion. It is likely that she has built a career, loves going out, never tires of meeting new people, wants to experiencing new things and yet would never pass up an opportunity to host a cosy dinner with old friends. In the Fluffy Residence this woman finds a kindred spirit. So, explore the space. Check out the fun and games. Do make a point of trying the magic mirror. It’s Teddy’s favourite gadget and it will generate your Teddy alter ego. Take in the views through the interactive windows of Teddy’s neighbourhood: a fluffy rendition of the city like you have never seen it before. The Teddy Coat is no longer just a fashion accessory; it becomes a dream world, an entire lifestyle that offers comfort and ease at home and outside. Kicking off in Chengdu, Teddy’s Fluffy Residence opens its doors at International Finance Square (IFS), from October 15th to 29th, 2023. You are cordially invited to enter a dimension beyond fashion. This is next level Teddy takeover. Your fashion friend will be presenting a whole new way of being.

The fluffy kitchen and dining room

The fluffy living room

The fluffy bedroom

The fluffy bathroom


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