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Sportmax Denim Culture FW21

Sportmax Loves Denim

For the sixth haut de gamme jeans wear edition, Sportmax challenges conventions with a researched spirit and an ever-evolving redefinition. The Sportmax Fall Winter 2021/22 Denim Culture capsule collection is a crossroads between heritage and the avantgarde energy and unconventional magnetism as the one emanates from Soo Joo Park.

Taking us back to the throes of the last century, the collection transports us to the 1920s, a historic pivot from which an era of enduring creativity and energy spurred, following those dark years. In an era marked by female emancipation and empowerment, women throughout the world began to free themselves from archetypes and social confines. In parallel, the Denim Culture collection is also rooted in the present day, an age where the same desire for rebirth and vitality continues to resonate and is expressed via looks that embody this return to living, exploring and loving.

The silky, sultry party dresses and silhouettes of the 1920s is translated into denim ensembles that recall the atmosphere of a decade through innovation. The geometries and fringe detailing typical to the Roaring Twenties are reborn thanks to a precise laser technique that infuses fabric with a sense of movement and is criss-crossed by bold vertical seams.

Black stands out as a dominant shade for the season.

Trousers are fashioned extra-long - energised by a slit at the bottom - and are combined with a plunging, V-neck vest or a soft, iridescent velvet blouse, a look indicative of this perfect medley of the contemporary and the past.

An overcoat with bold contours and tailored construction completes the full look.


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