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Sportmax Anniversary Collection

Looking back at its heritage from the Seventies, SPORTMAX introduced new construction techniques to deconstruct clothes and coats.

The garments were characterized by the use of a particular stitch, made by a special sewing machine, which allowed to assemble the garments. This also allowed to produce, at the same time, a recognizable decorative sign used to create ultra-light coats with bright colors.

At the end, this technique inspired the new Sportmax Anniversary Collection, that reinterprets with modern shapes and volumes that particolar shaded stitching on a series of iconic garments of the brand.

The result is a capsule of 15 items including coats, jackets, dresses, shirts and knitwear - all matching pieces to create a coordinated wardrobe.

The shaded stitch turns into a precise and recognizable signature recurring through the collection. From the overcoat with a hood up to the modular trench coat and blazer, symbol of a new idea of contemporary tailoring.

The capsule is completed with some accessories such as hats, shoulder bag, sneakers and eyewear, all unique style created for this special occasion.

The collection plays on three colors with vibrant tones: emerald green, deep red and ultramarine blue, which evoke seventies atmospheres.

The Sportmax Anniversary Collection is available in SPORTMAX mono brand stores, in all Max Mara flagship stores and in the most important department stores with dedicated exhibition spaces.

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