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EMME Marella and the students of NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, designed "EMMEGRAM": the iconic brand monogram, starting from Fall-Winter 2023.

EMME Marella, the entry-price brand of the Max Mara group, has collaborated with talented third-year students in Graphic Design and Art Direction from the Milan campus of NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, to bring to life a unique and fascinating project.

The design process began with the palindrome word "EMME," which can be read from left to right or vice versa. Thus, EMMEGRAM was born, the iconic brand monogram that has personalized an elegant selection for Fall-Winter 2023, the "Save the Date," and will be reintroduced in the EMME Marella Spring-Summer 2024 collections.

Developed by the winning team among ten promising designer teams, composed of NABA students Rebecca Taveggia, Filippo Tondini, and Valeria Turati, guided by NABA instructors Laura Bottai and Antonio Anaclerio, EMMEGRAM represents an interpretation of the EMME Marella brand based on the concepts of symmetry, reflectivity, and palindrome. The team has created a distinctive monogram that will characterize elegant and versatile garments suitable for glamorous looks that dress women from day to night.

EMMEGRAM represents an extraordinary blend of creativity from NABA students and the contemporary design of EMME Marella. The brand is excited to present this innovative collaboration that pays tribute to the youth and the importance of valuing their potential, bringing freshness and originality to its collections.

EMME Marella invites all women to have fun experimenting with EMMEGRAM and to discover the "Save the Date" project through their social media accounts and during an exclusive cocktail party to be held on June 29th on the rooftop of the iconic Grand Hotel Vesuvio in Naples, with Clotilde Esposito (Silvia), one of the protagonists of the beloved TV series "Mare Fuori," as the guest of honor for the evening.


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