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Saburo Teshigawara | Pointed Peak 2017

the dance performance of 2017, on our Youtube Channel

The Saburo Teshigawara project, was as part of the Festival Aperto 2017 programme and made possible through the long-standing partnership between Collezione Maramotti, Max Mara and Fondazione I Teatri.

Saburo Teshigawara | Pointed Peak

Saburo Teshigawara is the coreographer and dancer invited to present a site specific performance in Collezione Maramotti, as part of the Festival Aperto 2017. "Pointed Peak", an original site-specific performance which Teshigawara created specifically for the occasion. The five repeats, starring the choreographer himself along with Rihoko Sato and Eri Wanikawa, represent a once-off opportunity to attend the show in the very place that inspired it and to which it is dedicated. When Teshigawara first visited the site, the history-rich spaces and the works of art housed inside triggered a strong emotional response in the choreographer, who immediately connected those sensations with important elements of his own artistic vision, such as his concept of movement as an existential condition. His is an intense, fluid and elegant physicality – one which is traversed by air and where air is both space and spirit. The inner and outer world come together in a style which has its roots in Japanese and martial tradition yet opens itself to western aesthetics, in creating sensory, poetic experiences laden with symbols and allusions. During his visit at the Collezione Maramotti, the artist/choreographer shared a number of thoughts on life and its constant flux, on death as a passage of regeneration, and on the fluid metamorphosis of body and energy. The site evoked within him a poem of existence and perception, of darkness and light, of transformation, conjuring images of a dancing body who strives to touch that supremely elusive point: the peak of the air.

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