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Re-Find: Weekend Max Mara’s new Signature Collection

Re-Find is the new Weekend Max Mara Signature Collection created in collaboration with Lucinda Chambers for the AW 2020-21 season

With Re-Find, the high-profile British fashion director, known for her great style and unique eye, created the perfect wardrobe of great pieces to keep, wear and love forever.

Modern yet timeless staples that reflect the heritage and essence of Weekend Max Mara - joy, relaxation, ease and individuality, peppered with a pinch of Brit spirit. Praised for her longstanding fashion career at British Vogue, Chambers is also the cofounder of clothing line Colville and of Collagerie, a global online shopping platform.

Chambers opted for hallmark Weekend Max Mara fabrics such as cotton gabardine for trousers, rustic fringed wools fashioned into coats and rainproof canvas for trench coats. The starting point was a mix of her favorite essentials, styled in lively, unexpected contrasts and rich textures. Stripes, flowers, checks are bonded to patchwork effect or mismatched liberally in easy layers.

A blanket coat is worn over a flowy dress, exaggerated trousers under a snug knit, an oversized cape is ideal to throw over everything. The overall warm and free-spirited feel is underscored by a rich autumnal palette that veers from ink blue to rust, from camel to earth-tones, plus winter white and orange.

“I created what is my perfect Weekend Max Mara wardrobe. I love what it stands for,” says Chambers.

Accessories play an important role in Chambers’ style formula. Personal, often eccentric pieces, such as a maxi version of the signature Pasticcino Bag, a printed scarf and a cozy hat, to pass down as an expression of freedom.

The spirit of the collection is captured by photographer Jack Davison with British model Karen Elson, whose ties with Chambers go back in time, and who fronted a Weekend Max Mara ad campaign in 1997.

“Karen has a unique beauty, inside and out, and an individuality that resonates through the clothes. I was very thrilled that she and Jack wanted to be a part of this. It was pure joy to put them together and see what happened,” reveals Chambers.
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