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Pennyblack - Fall/Winter 2020 Campaign

Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani and the Villa Pisani Maze are the beautiful locations for the Pennyblack Fall/Winter 2020 Campaign

Nestled among the historical Venetian Villas, Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani is the place where the Barbarigo Family spent the quarantine during the 17th century plague. They made a vow to God that if they were spared from the epidemic, they would honour him by constructing a grandiose work.

This resulted in a perfect fusion between nature, art and architecture where each element assumed a symbolic value. Over time, the villa succeeded in protecting anyone it housed, becoming famous as a place of salvation.

The pictures from the advertising campaign also show the hedge maze labyrinth of the famous Villa Pisani at Stra. With its tall box hedges, it is a place in which to lose yourself, before finding your way again.

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