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Parden’s per Persona Capsule Collection Fall Winter 2022

Persona by Marina Rinaldi inaugurates the first collaboration with the Italian brand Parden's for the creation of the AI22 capsule collection, which will also be the protagonist of the Seasonal Adv Campaign.

The creative flair of Parden's designer, Daniele Giorgio, represents a reality in complete harmony with the young spirit of Persona by Marina Rinaldi and with the values of the brand, which has always been careful to represent creativity in all its facets.

The capsule offers a new, fresh and playful approach, interpreting the Mediterranean spirit with an up-to-date cut. It starts from the cornerstones of the classic wardrobe to revisit them in a contemporary key through a wide selection of coats with maxi lapels, wallet dresses, tops with puffed wrists, trousers with deep slits held by buttons and skirts that reinvent the kilt model. The flagship element is the coat with traditional details of the 70s tailoring, but also the jacquard knitwear, from the cardigan with asymmetrical side closure, to leave free to define a softer silhouette, to the wrapping dress embellished with lively contrasting fringes.

"Collaborating with Persona by Marina Rinaldi is a way to show the world how fashion is not born only in the great capitals of the sector. Personally I am happy with this meeting, which allows me to confront and learn by interacting with a reality that has always been attentive to dressing all physicalities, with sizes that go beyond prejudices» explains Daniele Giorgio.

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