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#MaxMaraTeddyBear Vest


Max Mara’s creative director Ian Griffiths spent a lot of time in the archive and rediscovered the rich ‘Teddy Bear' coats that the brand made in the 80's using plush long pile fabrics in noble fibres - originally developed in German mills for making high end childrens' toys.

He discovered that not only were those fabrics no longer made, but the mills had all closed down and much of the know-how had been lost. The team worked with an Italian supplier to redevelop the technology to produce a unique faux fur of pure camel hair on a base of silk.

The exuberant volume of the coat is a celebration of the fabric's opulent extravagance. The Max Mara Teddy Bear shot to icon status on its runway debut in 2013. This season Max Mara introduces a new style, the vest. Made from fur-effect alpaca, wool and silk with a twotone, horizontal striped motif. Double-breasted fastening with horn buttons.

Available starting October 15 exclusively on

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