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Max Mara Resort 2022 'Local Color' - Fashion Show

Max Mara invites you to Ischia

To celebrate the launch of Resort 2022 ‘Local Color’ on Tuesday, June 29, Max Mara invites you to a location steeped in the codes of Italian elegance and the golden age of glamorous travel.

The island of Ischia, playground of fashionable society since the 1950’s, is nestled in the Gulf of Naples. Our destination is the Hotel Mezzatorre. This is a place that recalls the romance of a time when travel was the pursuit of the jet setting leisured classes whose seasonal voyages around the world created a map of timeless sophistication.

At the heart of this group was a posse of women so impossibly stylish that tales of their shopping trips, parties and fashionable escapades inspired the narrative genius of the writer Truman Capote. His ‘Swans’, as he called them, lead lives of glamour in the pursuit of perfection. His book, ‘Local Color’, after which the collection is named, includes an essay inspired by the four months he spent on Ischia and depicts a world where people had time to savour travel experiences as one of life’s great pleasures. With this collection, Max Mara looks to a new generation of swans: working women with complex yet equally glamorous lives. Local Color is dedicated to go anywhere elegance.

The film of the show will be directed by Ginevra Elkann. The talented movie director whose debut, ‘Magari’, was released in 2019, studied at the London Film School and has worked with Bernardo Bertolucci and Anthony Minghella. To complete this elegant circle she is also the granddaughter of Marella Agnelli, one of Capote’s Swans.

The film will be released on Thursday, July 1st at 3 PM Italian Time on and on Max Mara social media channels.


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