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Jenna Gribbon | Mirages @ Collezione Maramotti

23 October 2022 – 19 February 2023

Collezione Maramotti presents Mirages, the first solo show in a European art institution by American painter Jenna Gribbon, who has conceived a new group of ten works specifically for our Pattern Room.

Gribbon often depicts the people closest to her: her friends, her son, her partner, her fellow artists. Her paintings capture the intricacies and dynamics within these relationships while addressing the implications surrounding seeing and being seen. The viewer shares the artist’s point of view in the scenes, encouraged to explore the relationships both within the canvas, between subject and artist, and beyond it, as partners, family or friends. The intimacy and feeling within these relationships are absorbed into the gesture and painterly language used by the artist to depict them.

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