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Mariacarla Boscono & Anna Franceschini. Milan, March 2022.

The Fall-Winter 22 photo campaign, online from Monday 19 September, once again explores the brand message IN WOMEN WE TRUST and narrates a multifaceted feminine identity.

Mariacarla Boscono encounters contemporary artist Anna Franceschini for this second chapter. From the dialogue between the muse and the artist comes movement, the basis of creative inspiration that brings a unique and original stage design to the set. Not only stage props but real sculptures created to enhance Mariacarla and the outfits she interprets as works of art.

Marella paints an all-pink world for women, dreamers who are sincere but also aware and full of energy. Become part of this pink world by trying out the new filter ‘In Women We Trust’ by Marella (available on the brand’s Instagram profile).

Do you want to discover more about the stage design? Have a look at this documentary film starring Anna Franceschini.

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