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The New Weekend Max Mara Advertising Campaign for the Spring/Summer 2021

Nature at the forefront. The Spring Summer 2021 Weekend Max Mara protagonist has added a new dimension to her lifestyle. A smart urbanite with a passion for culture and traveling, fulfilling her personal dreams now also means getting in touch with Nature. And not merely as an occasional Weekender getaway.

Cultivating one’s own passion for gardens, wild flowers and country living, reading about herbs, plants, and organic farming, strolling through luscious country fields and sun-drenched olive groves have never been so soul-enriching and meaningful. The essence of well-being. Returning to one’s roots. Away from the chaos of the urban landscape, the new normality calls for nature. And for a reinterpretation of one’s wardrobe accordingly.

Lensed by photographer Angelo Pennetta, Jean Campbell interprets the transition of a mood from the city to the country. Rural chic is calling.

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