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At Home AnyWhere and EveryWhere

The Weekend Max Mara SS24 Adv Campaign.

Going back to where the heart belongs, to a cherished hideaway, escaping all sense of time and place.Landscapes, colours, aromas change but the Weekender's spirit (and her wardrobe) stays faithful to her soul. Every experience is there to be enjoyed and remembered. At home anywhere and everywhere.

For Spring / Summer 24 the Weekender further evolves in her pursuit of relevance and her passion for adventure. This season she ventures South, to a beautiful small fortress immersed in lavish Mediterranean gardens and the campaign's narrative becomes an evocative portrait of her exploration of this dreamy, intimate hideaway. Recalling memories and travels while very much being about the present and our protagonist. Moments of playful pause alternate with walks in the sun-kissed gardens and orchard. Escaping the heat in the limestone pool, or in the shade of terracotta-red arcades. Spot on wardrobing always matched with perfect ease to the setting.

Ph. Tom Johnson

Stylist: Kate Phelan

Model: Aylah Peterson


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