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The New Weekend Max Mara Advertising Campaign for the Autumn Winter 2020/2021

A contemporary explorer. An independent minded woman. A free spirit: the protagonist of the new Weekend Max Mara campaign is a citizen of the world, and off the road is her way to go.

The inspiration behind the Weekend Max Mara Fall/Winter 2020 campaign is the thirst for adventure of the first women explorers of the past century. These extraordinary travellers who set off for the unknown defying society conventions, bringing back engaging stories and unique adventures.

Horses, camels, bicycles, motorcycles, trains and zeppelins were their elect means of travel and nothing would stop them in their quest for intellectual challenge and discovery of the new. An innate wanderlust, a love for the beauty of nature, a pursuit of the profound and meaningful and self-achievement are what unites these exploresses throughout time. As is their casual yet refined choice of attire for their ventures.

Lensed by cutting-edge American photographer Ethan James Green and styled by Anastasia Barbieri, Vivienne Rohner is the new face chosen to embody the Weekend Max Mara spirit of adventure.

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