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Pennyblack FW23 - ENIGMA

One garment, two pieces, three combinations.

Is it possible to have a single item that adapts to different situations and temperatures? That can transform and create a new look with just a simple gesture?

Enigma is a project destined to become an iconic piece of the collection and a must-have item of the season. It is a padded coat consisting of a quilted vest and a padded trench, which come together to create a game of overlaps that meet different styles and needs.

The artist and illustrator Alena Lavdovskaya re-interpreted Enigma, in its three fits, creating a mini-series of three animated episodes, starring Miss Pennyblack, the brand's virtual ambassador.

Enigma - 1st Episode


... you'll find the other two episodes soon on the official Pennyblack social pages!


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