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Pasticcino Bag World Tour. Second stop

The iconic Weekend Max Mara Pasticcino Bag continues its awe-inspiring world tour now landing in France.

This Pasticcino Bag World Tour continues with the Fall Winter 2023 season, charting a special “Pasticcino Bag” that, season after season, supports artisanal excellence and crafting traditions. After the homage to Venice's glorious textiles and glass-making tradition highlighted with the debut edition, the Pasticcino Bag Hommage à la France now tributes the country’s storied centuries-old heritage in the art of lace and beautiful ceramics.

On the occasion of the launch of the Special Edition, the Weekend Max Mara stores host a special set up dedicated to the Pasticcino Bag Hommage à la France, where the five colours of the bags are displayed.

The overall visual effect of this new version of Weekend Max Mara’s playful Pasticcino clutch, named after the Italian word for “small pastry,” is a richly-textured romanticism to wear all year round, from dawn to dark.

The Pasticcino Bag Hommage à la France is going to be presented with a special event on May 11 at the Versailles palace.

There's a lot more to the Pasticcino Bag World Tour than this: more and more activities are on their way.

Stay tuned.


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