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OPENING SOON: Carlo Valsecchi | Bellum

1 May – 31 July 2022, Collezione Maramotti

The 2022 #FotografiaEuropea festival is dedicated to the theme of “an invincible summer”: a quote from Albert Camus’s “Return to Tipasa”, which celebrates the capacity to weather adversity and respond with new reflections on human existence.

In conjunction, #CollezioneMaramotti will be presenting "Bellum", a new commissioned project by artist #CarloValsecchi

The forty-four large-scale photographs in this series – all of which can be seen in the book accompanying the exhibition, and about twenty of them in the show itself – tell the story of the ancestral conflict between man and nature and man and man; nature used as a defence from others, and nature as something to defend ourselves from. The Alps are a symbol of all this, as nature at its most extreme, yet also the site of the last war of position. The project therefore explores the territories and fortifications of northeast Italy connected to World War I, one of the last times when human fate and experience were directly linked to the laws, conditions and control of nature. What is left of that landscape from a century ago? What traces remain of the pact humanity had struck with nature at that point in history?

Carlo Valsecchi, # 01135 Rotzo, Vicenza, IT, 2020, © Carlo Valsecchi


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