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Floral lady Experience!

Marina Rinaldi Capsule Collection

Spring is the season of blossoming and rebirth, both for flowers and for each of our emotions, talents and uniqueness, which can find new life and shine out in all their beauty. The Floral Lady capsule collection offers a personal journey for a better and clearer vision of our desires and our callings. To do so, we’ve joined up with exceptional partners like the TLON school of philosophy and teacher and blogger Marie Robert, founder the of Philosophy Is Sexy podcast.

The FLORAL LADY project, an integral part of the Marina Rinaldi proposal for the SS 22 season, introduces spring, the season of flowering and rebirth par excellence. It develops around a heart consisting of 6 cotton T-shirts in 6 colour variations, on which are printed a woman's face and the image of a flower that hides her identity. A message of kindness and inclusion, a cornerstone of Marina Rinaldi's mission since 1980.

To celebrate the personal flowering and beauty and uniqueness of all women, we involved two important philosophical realities: the TLON duo in Italy and Marie Robert in France.

With them, we will make a journey of philosophical reflection: digital, through a video story in episodes, and physical, with a calendar of meetings in some of our Marina Rinaldi boutiques.

Stay tuned!

"And just as the different beauty of each individual flower shines and is sublimated in the richness of the bouquet, every woman, strong and beautiful in her individuality, is enriched and gains strength thanks to the closeness with other women different from her, none excluded."

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