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Collezione Maramotti on demand!

During these days and following the decision to suspend Fotografia Europea 2020, the Maramotti Collection aims to offer you a revival of the temporary exhibitions inaugurated every year precisely on the occasion of the Festival, wishing to all to reopen to the public and to start again with the cultural activities program soon!

Who of you remember the first photographic exhibition (and also the first temporary project opened after the Collezione Maramotti opening to the public ☺️) which collected shots by Roxanne Lowit and Giuseppe Varchetta with a text by Marco Belpoliti? "Bodies are the protagonists of Roxanne Lowit's photographs. For this reason they often hide the works themselves. The bodies of the painter and his model, of other artists that have not worked on the piece, but play with it and its maker. All these bodies line up in front of Roxanne Lowit’s lens and offer themselves as an alternative to the work." "Giuseppe Varchetta, who is a listener by profession [...] applies his special style, even his posture to the space of the work. He places himself in the place where the work is operating in silence and observes it, also in silence. Then he shoots photographs when the visitors’ bodies enter in the space already saturated with meanings, loaded with the many notes of silence, and touch the same space."

The images offer two different viewpoints that document and interpret the intriguing relationship among the body of works, artists and visitors within the exhibition space, in shots taken during the first opening of the collection.

It was the 2008...

Find out more about the project ⬇️

Ph. Giuseppe Varchetta / Collezione Maramotti. Caspar David Friedrich di Claudio Parmiggiani © Giuseppe Varchetta

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