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9th Max Mara Art Prize for Women: Dominique White

Residency documentary - Part Two

“The sea is a complex thing. The ship is an even more complex thing”

- Massimo Corradi, Professor of History of Science and Structural Engineering, University of Genoa.

Watch the full video on Collezione Maramotti’s Youtube channel:

Continuing her six-month Italian residency, organised by #CollezioneMaramotti, #DominiqueWhite, winner of the ninth edition of the #MaxMaraArtPrize for Women, has been in Genoa in order to undertook a concentrated investigation into the ship – a key figurehead of this work and her practice more widely. She is fascinated by the ship’s power as both a symbol and object; from its materiality, its construction, its multifaceted complex and conflicted histories, and its status as a catalyst for establishing dominant global powers.

Under the tutelage of Professors Claudia Tacchella and Massimo Corradi, who specialise in construction science and history, White visited some of the most significant naval and archaeological museums and archives across Genoa, looking at the history of shipwrecks, the content of these wreckages and the geopolitical significance of the lost ships.

The prize, a longstanding initiative and collaboration between Max Mara, Whitechapel Gallery and Collezione Maramotti, is set up to support and nurture women-identifying artists at a crucial stage in their career who have not previously had a major solo exhibition.

SFind out more about the artist and the Prize on the YouTube channel and the Collezione Maramotti's website:

Film produced by @TIWI

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